Sweet nectar from the Gods

  “You have been given the Gods, they rise at dawn, they bring you gifts untold, they shoulder your burdens, they help you to recall and to remember. Your gift will shine and you will utilise them all. Nothing is made from nothing remember, so bring this divineness out through you, sing it to the … Continue reading

Sacred Runes of Light

  “You are a keeper of stones, you are sitting in a circle of light and how they protect you wholesome one, bringing you gifts galore. They house you so well, they shelter you, and honour you. Succumb to the stones their wisdom lies deep within. They’re soldiers and carry forth all for you, givers and … Continue reading

Alive with Light!

“You are alive with light and nothing else matters but this moment, this thought, this creation! We are bursting forth un-bridling ourselves finally and being freed. Freedom comes to all of us now as we let loose from the past and live passionately and fully. Do not live in death anymore; do not surround yourselves … Continue reading

Smashed by a Wave of Light!

    “Smashed by a wave of light! It races in at breaking speed, rushing and gushing forth. You are pulling this in and it’s finding its way to you. You have instigated this and called this forth, a wave of light so grand and powerful it is demolishing all you thought you were. You … Continue reading

Messages of Light

  “Glitter covers the surface of the Earth, how she sparkles and shines. Her light is pure and holy, luminescent, glowing out in all directions. She is so big and bold, it’s wonderful to witness and to see how she blesses us. Blessed child, so many blessings they line the Earth, thick and rich. Such wealth, … Continue reading

Ascended Masters Blessings

  “You have seen heaven and you have seen hell. Forget the past, bury it. You’re told of riches and wealth and abundance, a life of pleasure and fulfilment. All is coming to you now, so hold on and wait, use your breath to relax and calm you and pull down these instinctive forces from … Continue reading