Reach your Potential!

By Ivanka-Jane Walker. As featured in “Living Green Magazine” – Reach your Potential!   We each hold something very precious in our hands – Life! However, many of us get lost along the way and forget this valuable gift and our potential for amazing success, joy & abundance. Let me help you remember through seven simple steps … Continue reading

Ancient Univeral Energy (Reiki)

  “There is a force of light in your hands, it is remarkable and true and rings just for you. Open it up and feel it advance through you, it is instinctual and runs on fuel; the fire you feed and breathe. So know now, become accustomed to this fact that you are a light … Continue reading

Gift of Light

  “Fill the world with light, honour every single living soul. Gather with this momentum now and bring this wealth of ours together. It is golden light that shines like the sun and needs to be seen and recognised. It is flooding around you now, filling you up. Take your time now and feed yourself … Continue reading

Golden Bishops

 “All of those amongst you have missed the point here really. We are not here to accumulate wealth, but to become common soldiers of a cause that is broken in society. Missing completely. To call one another by a common name and address any issues we have.” “The golden ones, the dearly departed, those who … Continue reading


  “Hope, such hope. Fill yourself, your life, with hope. Become bountiful and rich. Hope transcends all things, it is mightier than the sword. To hope is to believe, is to dream, is to know. Doubt does not linger here. For those that are hopeful, they will truly succeed. Hope finds its place in you … Continue reading