Smashed by a Wave of Light!




“Smashed by a wave of light!

It races in at breaking speed, rushing and gushing forth. You are pulling this in and it’s finding its way to you. You have instigated this and called this forth, a wave of light so grand and powerful it is demolishing all you thought you were. You have become light, no longer bound in human form you are released and find yourself hovering. Light, smooth as silk, light and abundant. You have never felt so full, even when you have lost everything that you thought you once were.

You have demolished your past, kicked it to the pavement and risen from the shards of glass. You have found true worth and all you have been searching for. In loss and fear you have climbed and risen, and now have scored well child of light, for you see the miracle that you are. All that you have been wrapped as one, but no longer are you are part of this. You are scaling the seas and rising further still. See how much work you do, how many need saving from the recklessness of their lives. Drive this light through everything and you will strike riches. Fill yourself up and never be apart from it. Synchronise yourself with light, it is your lifeblood now, who you are meant to be.

There is nothing now but the light. It empowers and strengthens you, harnesses your love and abundance inside, and we are glad you have taken leave of your senses and found the glory of light within. Search your soul and find this light always. It is covered and tarnished sometimes, but it exists and is there. Wrap yourself amongst it, feel how it behaves, so natural and giving, alive. It is fluid life itself and you are breathing it, taking it all in, fuelling yourself and growing old no more. Just light, a wealth of light, give it to others and they too will shine. Reflect this light out and shine like never before. Never abandon yourself when you can see how rich you really are in wealth within. We see these things, the reality. We see you in human form covered in light. This is always how we Spirit recognise you, the light works wonders!

We see you now shining like a new born star, sprinkling your rays out, big and bold. What have we started here??! You are growing now by the minute and all collapses in your presence and becomes whole once more. You are climbing and rising remarkably, see this goddess light within and showcase this now. Bleed this wealth of light out of you. Fortune and fortune well. Sprinkle your diamond light and become goddess-like with light. Replenish yourself always and follow through with this. It is important to be constantly full, then there is no demise and you are rising always with liquid light; whole and nourished. Feel it race through you, fantastical, alive, weightless. This rush of blood gushes and replenishes you, revitalises you.

There is nothing more potent in this universe than light and you have scored well. Shift and become an abundant light source for all time, feeding the hungry and needy. They come to you now in waves of light and you are sprinkling them all, dazzling and astounding them. So, become the hero you are, a saviour of light, full and bursting. Giving your extreme wealth over to them; plugging them in and draining the skies. Fill, fill the light force through you and never hold back from your course, it is one of purity and sanctity. Know you are flooding the plains here as we speak and all is glorious and full about you. We are wish makers and are making your wishes come true now, plugging them through you. You are hopeful, yes, and this is a good sign. Without hope you have nothing, so, keep the hope alive!”

~ Spirit

Channelled by Ivanka-Jane Walker


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